Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Thanks for visiting La Posada Milagro's News blog. This is where you'll find news and information of Terlingua and Texas' Big Bend, and of the historic Terlingua Ghostown in particular.

La Posada Milagro (Spanish for "The Miracle Inn") is located atop Ghostown Hill overlooking Big Bend National Park, the Chisos Mountain Range and old Terlingua. La Posada Milagro has been meticulously reconstructed from the remains of miners' homes in what was once the village surrounding the Chisos Mining Company. Abandoned in the early 1940's, Terlingua lay empty and forgotten for a quarter century until it was "rediscovered" with the advent of the first World Championship Chili Cook Off in 1968. Since that day the "Terlingua Ghostown", as it had come to be known, has become an enclave for musicians, artists and artisans enchanted by splendor of this remote border region.

Visitors to La Posada Milagro enjoy rock sun decks, fire pits and four tastefully appointed suites, high above the relaxed pace of the surrounding village and only a few minutes walk from the finest shopping and dining venues in Texas' Big Bend. Visit La Sirena Gallery for the most complete collection of local art, music, jewelry and desert clothing within 100 miles, with names like Roger Cutforth, Jason Bane, Abby Levine, Anna Whiteley-Huff and Gypsy Rose. See the Terlingua Trading Company (the original Chisos Mining Company general store) for a huge selection of curios, gifts, clothing, books and even wine... the list goes on. Take your evening's repast at The Starlight Theatre, Terlingua's original movie house turned gourmet dining and entertainment venue, then retire to La Posada Milagro's hilltop decks and the clearest night skys you've ever seen.

Stay tuned for more. This is only the beginning.

La Posada Milagro, "The Miracle Inn".